We started planning our workshops and classes in 2017, but the Covid pandemic has changed the landscape forever.  2020 and beyond has shown us how desperate the sewing community is for both knowledge and skilled technicians - for all machines, not just new ones.  Sewing Doc Academy is dedicated to offering a wide range of workshops and experience-building programs ranging from hobby to professional.  Expect to see the majority of these workshops available in 2022.

available & Upcoming Workshops

How to USE Your

Singer Featherweight

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This FREE online class will walk you through every step of using your Featherweight & 301. Own it for life, and refer to it as often as you need!

Free Class

Featherweight SERVICE Workshop

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Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to clean, lubricate, and care for your Featherweight 221, 221k, 222k, and 301! Never take it in for service again!  Also good for learning to restore neglected machines. 

Enrollment is open!

Vintage Sewing Machine Mentorship Experience

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This Mentorship will lead through cleaning, lubrication, and minor repairs of ALL vintage and antique sewing machines, not just the one you'll be working on in the class!  Save machines that are your family heirlooms, found in basements and attics, acquired at a yard sale or thrift store.  This class will get them moving again!  Mentorshp is offered in a hybrid of On-Demand and LIVE streaming classes. 

Enrollment opens on June 6


Did you know that 90% of "broken" sewing machines are just user errors, and not actually broken?  Sewing machines only work when everything is exact and precise, from how you thread it, the thread you use, the bobbin and how it's wound, the needle, type, size, and what thread you are using... the list goes on and one!  One minute it's fine, the next you can't make a stitch to save your life.

This workshop is built for you to self-diagnose your sewing machine, to find the error, correct it, and keep on sewing.  It walks you through the EXACT same procedures used in our professional service shop every day to diagnose issues on a customer's machine, correct, and keep them sewing.  This could save you weeks of waiting and money spent on a repair you didn't need.

Enrollment opens July 2022

workshops coming in 2022

Motor Service
& Rewiring

Old motors were built to last, but sometimes they need a little extra loving care.  This class will teach you how to clean and lubricate external motors, and rewire them into machines if needed.  This could save you a bundle! Includes potted motors.

Modern Machine
Vintage Machine Advanced Repair

Learn everything you need to know about proper cleaning and lubrication of your modern sewing machine (some models excluded).  We'll take off the covers, clean computer boards and internal parts, lubricate properly, and address common issues.

Whether to care for your own or to add to your growing professional skills, this class will teach you everything you need to know about fully cleaning and lubricating your serger, which should be done rather frequently.

Go one step further and learn how to adjust timing and make more involved repairs on older machines.  This class will help you rescue just about any sewing machine!  VM Cleaning Class should be a prerequisite.

other future workshops

Modern Machine
Advanced Adjustments

Take your machine maintenance one step further and learn how to adjust timing (needle bar, feed dogs, hook), and other basics in machine service and repair.  This is an advanced class and perfect for those looking to machine service as a career.  The Machine Maintenance class is a prerequisite.

Serger Advanced Adjustments
Treadle Machine
Singer Touch & Sew
Gears & Repair

Take your Serger or coverlock maintenance one step further and learn how to adjust timing and upper and lower looper positioning.  We'll teach you about the common issues that arise with sergers and how to correct them.  The Serger Maintenance class is a prerequisite.

This class will specifically cover cast iron lock stitch machines (Singer, White, New Home, etc.) and address restoration and care and maintenance of treadle components, including belt installation.  Please note - this will not cover wood cabinet restoration or repainting of machines.

Those Touch & Sew machines were a brilliant concept, but the gears commonly break and shred.  Once replaced, you’ll get another 50+ years of use.  This is extremely involved but will save many machines.  Also covers the Athena, TouchTronic, Stylist, FashionMate, Merritt and other machines with nylon gears.

Viking 6000
Series Repair

Not many repair shops will address specific issues with the Viking 6000 series, and many have been discarded due to lack of knowledge.  This class will make a seized machine work again, as we remove the buttonholer and stitch selector mechanisms and get things moving again.   This is an Advanced class.

private & Group workshops

Yes, we are still offering one-on-one and private group workshops!  Due to the pandemic, all classes have been moved to a virtual format indefinitely.  But this is great!  I promise, you will learn as much or more virtually than you would live in our classroom.

This is the best option if you really want to handle routine maintenance (not major repairs) on your own and don't want to wait for an opening in a class to come available.  Private group workshops are great for friends, as it's a very social setting, plenty of time for catching up!

For more information about private or group workshops, please contact us and we'll be in touch!

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learn to repair sewing machines

Most of our classes were held in person before face masks and social distancing were in our lives.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to teach machine service classes without us being within inches of each other's face, so we have moved all classes online indefinitely.

remove your covers

More Info Coming Soon.