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QuiltCon Special Offers & Info

I hope we got to meet at QuiltCon, but due to high crowd volume,

we wanted an easy place to meet us virtually when it's convenient for you!

Fact #1:  Sewing machines need routine maintenance to keep it running properly (and extend its lifespan!), especially if the machine has a computer.


Fact #2:  Removing the needle plate, cleaning under and around the bobbin case, and putting a few drops of oil IS NOT SERVICE.


Fact #3:  90% of sewing machines only need the covers removed, cleaning, lubricating, and minor repairs - the exact procedures we teach in this program.

The average routine service in the US is $125 per machine.

For the cost of 2 service appointments, you can maintain an infinite number of machines.

Whether you want to learn to care for your own machines or build a small business, we'll teach you the exact procedures used in our professional shop to help you meet your goals.


Click each offer for program details - each page will have a video for more information & details.

Bundle - Open House purple.png

The Full Maintenance Program includes all of our current programs including vintage machines, modern machines, troubleshooting & diagnosis, motor service & rewiring, and business tools to help you build and scale a business that suits your needs.

Take an extra 10% off of the sale prices when you buy all three programs together!

2-Payment Plan Available!!


One-time fee,
Lifetime access

In this program, we'll teach you to safely and properly open up the covers of your machine (yes, computerized, too!) for proper cleaning, lubrication, and other maintenance.  Viking EPIC series and some later models of Bernina are excluded, all other home domestic sewing machines included.



One-time fee,
Lifetime access

Did you know that the majority of issues that arise with sewing machines are user error or a minor fix and not actual issues with a broken sewing machine?  Machine technicians and dealers will not tell you this… because it’s easy money.  Select the symptom you are experiencing with your machine, and we’ll guide you through testing and correcting issues with your machine.  Live, expert assistance included when you need it!

One-time fee,
Lifetime access

Weather you want to learn to clean and lubricate your machines to keep them going, or dive deep into functional restoration, we'll guide you through all the hurdles and challenges of finding parts and bringing machines back to life.  Includes vintage motor service & rewiring - all with live, expert help when you need it!



One-time fee,
Lifetime access

Many own a Featherweight or 301 and ONLY want to maintain this machine, so we built a standalone program just for Featherweight users.  Don't leave your baby with a stranger!  Full maintenance includes motor service and electrical rewiring, all with a human expert when you need it!  Note:  this program ONLY includes all Featherweight models and 301 machines.

How Our Programs Work

Decide on a class path based on the machines you have or your goals. Enroll & get started!


Work through the videos and instructions in the on-demand learning library.


When you have questions, issues, or troubles with your machines, an expert instructor is available to help you personally.



Engage with a community of other enthusiasts, and socialize with folks that share your journey!

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Untitled Design_edited.png
Untitled Design_edited.png
Untitled Design_edited.png
Untitled Design_edited.png

All programs offer LIFETIME access

Professional expert to help you with your specific hurdles

No travel - learn from anywhere, anytime

An entire community of other students and enthusiasts to share the journey and learn collectively

Assistance & guidance in building a business or retirement income (if you desire)

"I bought these classes because I have too many machines and the cost to service just keeps increasing.  I also dislike to give up my machine "just in case I need it".  I successfully maintained this machine and getting ready to start my next one!  It was so much easier than I ever expected! I suspect I will get faster once I figure things out."

Rachel H, student

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 1.45_edited.jpg

INTERESTED, but need more info?

Join us for our On-Demand Open House!

This is a FREE, informational event where you can get to me better, ask questions, and gain a full understanding of how all of our programs work.

Live events thumbnail.png


Factory trained by many brands of machines




At the Sewing Doc Academy, we know you are the kind of sewist that wants to be self-sufficient, knowledgeable, and confident in troubleshooting, servicing, and repairing your sewing machine.

You need an expert guide to help you learn proper procedures, but the machine industry has completely shut you out from the training and knowledge, and YouTube videos cannot help you with your specific machine or learning hurdles.

We believe that every sewist deserves to feel confident and capable to service their own machines and offer their services to others.  We know that service shops and grouchy technicians even make us feel stupid and unworthy sometimes.


That's why we built the Sewing Doc Academy - to teach you the exact same procedures that professional technicians use every day.

You know your machine better than anyone - you'll be better at caring for it than a stranger!

live business program.png

Are you curious about the ways you can earn money in sewing machine servcie and restoration without having to open up a full blown service shop?  

Getting into sewing machine services doesn't requite a huge investment, a retail space, or even a huge time committment!

We are putting together a special, live program to show you how we teach people in our programs to earn a little side money, retirement income, or start a business using sewing machine service skills.  Join as we give you a peek behind the curtains at how this is possible!

This will be an INFORMATIONAL live event.  If you are curious about any aspect of machine service and restoration, we highly suggest attending the Open House event above.

We do not yet have a date/time set for this event, so join the wait list and you'll be the first to see the announcement!

Questions?  Message us & we'll get back to you ASAP!

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