For all sewing machines

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Did you know that the majority of issues that arise with sewing machines are user errors or minor fixes and not actual issues with a broken sewing machine?

Machine technicians and dealers will not tell you this.  

We've all been there... one minute you are happily sewing along, and the next... nothing. Or thread nesting.  Or thread breaking.  Or any number of issues.  What went wrong?!

  • thread breaks and nesting

  • broken needles

  • stitches not forming

  • fabric bunching

  • skipped stitches

  • tension issues

  • needle not moving

  • and so much more!!

And it's even worse when you are on deadline, or if you use your machine for business or income!

Wish you had a magic wand to fix the issue so you can keep going?

In this workshop, I am GIVING YOU MY MAGIC WAND by teaching you the EXACT same methods used in the Sewing Doc professional service shop every single day to discover the issues with a customer's sewing machine.  


Yes, we are giving you the methods, tips, and tricks that sewing machine technicians and dealers do NOT want you to have available!


This workshop will:

  • Teach you to methodically diagnose the issue with your machine to, in most cases, figure out and fix the issue and avoid taking it in for service

  • Teach you to troubleshoot a new-to-you machine from top to bottom, AND a specific issue you are having on any machine, new or old

  • Give you specific symptoms to click on and a specific list of steps to take to narrow down the issue

  • Give you video references to teach you how to correct issues, and a checklist downloads for each symptom

  • Teach new sewists to build an excellent set of habits to avoid user error

  • Teach veteran sewists to resolve issues faster and keep sewing

  • Give you guidance from a live expert when you aren't certain of the issue

  • Offer discounted rates on one-one-on consultation to diagnose or fix your machine

Please note:  This workshop is only relevant for HOME DOMESTIC machines, and does not address commercial or industrial machines, sergers, embroidery machines, chain stitch machines, or any other specialty machine.

This workshop is meant to resolve common errors and issues, which is the issue 90% of the time.  We do teach you to make minor repairs (i.e. to the bobbin case), but we do not teach you to make timing adjustments, computer fixes,  or major repairs to your machine.  This will save you much time and money if you can resolve the issue, and if you do need to take it for service, you'll have peace of mind knowing it truly needs service or repair.