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Whether a newbie or a seasoned sewist, there is something in this free series for everyone! 

It's not uncommon for a customer to bring their machine in for service, get it home, and think it's still broken just because of a missed threading detail or other user error.  I've made notes over the years on common issues that arise, and have put together this series to help improve your sewing habits and knowledge and prevent sewing hangups as much as possible.

Each week I will host a LIVE video on Facebook & YouTube and offer a free handout for a booklet (no email required for the handout!)  If you can't make it live, you'll have access to the replays.

Part 3 
September 22, 2022

These are the things we rarely think about that cause us such headaches.  This week, I walk through the most common sewing mishaps I see among my customers.  The handout is a big one, too!

KBSB part 3 common issues thumbnail.jpg

Catch the Replay Here

Part 3 Handout

Part 2 
September 15, 2022

Don't touch the tension dial!  Definitely don't touch the bobbin tension!

Well, we did both today, and you can, too, to achieve perfect tension balance every time!  Use a controlled test environment to verify that it isn't your machine that's the issue!  I'll show you how!

KBSB part 2 balance tension thumbnail.jpg

Catch the Replay Here

Part 2 Handout

Part 1 
September 8, 2022

You'd be surprised at how many issues are caused by missing one tiny step in threading your machine.  Let's try to eliminate as many of these issues as possible!  This covers upper threading, bobbin threading, and you'll see what's happening behind the plastic of your machine!

KBSB part 1 threading thumbnail.jpg

Catch the Replay Here

Part 1 Handout

Want us to remind you and send you the replay when you can't make it?

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