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Virtual sewing machine service training for the home sewist

Troubleshooting & Diagnosing Sewing Machines

Did you know that the majority of issues that arise with sewing machines are user errors or minor fixes and not actual issues with a broken sewing machine?

Machine technicians and dealers will not tell you this.  

We've all been there... one minute you are happily sewing along, and the next... nothing. Or thread nesting.  Or thread breaking.  Or any number of issues.  What went wrong?!

  • thread breaks and nesting

  • broken needles

  • stitches not forming

  • fabric bunching

  • skipped stitches

  • tension issues

  • needle not moving

  • and so much more!!

How it Works


Login and work through the on-demand library modules

When you experience issues with your machine, you'll find a list of symptoms in the modules.  When you click on the system, you'll have a series of modules to work through, in a specific order, to guide you through testing and checking for various issues.  Each module will walk you through potential issues AND the solutions to those issues.  This workshop addresses the following issues:

  • Thread breaks and nesting

  • stitches not forming

  • skipped stitches

  • needle not moving

  • complete evaluation of a machine

  • And much more!

  • broken needles

  • fabric bunching

  • tension issues

  • checking the timing

  • how to properly test sew & balance tension


Email the instructor when you are stuck, feel overwhelmed, or just need some support.  

The absolute most valuable component of our Troubleshooting program is that you always have the support of two professional experts to help you when you are stuck or need additional help. 

This takes away guesswork and failed attempts - no more scouring YouTube or Facebook groups looking for answers!


Keep learning & studying the modules as you build your side business or retirement income

More often than not, we find that folks enjoy working on machines so much that they tend to branch out beyond just caring for their own.

Offering your services to your community doesn't mean you need to open a service shop!  We'll give you the tools to start a small business in your home, working as little or as much as you want.

Properly & efficiently diagnosing machine issues is absolutely vital if you plan to work on machines that are not yours.

What's my investment?

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$99one time fee

  • One-time payment, NOT a recurring fee!

  • Access to all modules and information FOR LIFE!

  • All upgrades, improvements, and expansions included!

  • Discounted consultation options for diagnosis and repair!

Please note:  This workshop is only relevant for HOME DOMESTIC machines, and does not address commercial or industrial machines, sergers, embroidery machines, chain stitch machines, or any other specialty machine.

This workshop is meant to resolve common errors and issues, which is the issue 90% of the time.  We do teach you to make minor repairs (i.e. to the bobbin case), but we do not teach you to make timing adjustments, computer fixes,  or major repairs to your machine.  This will save you much time and money if you can resolve the issue, and if you do need to take it for service, you'll have peace of mind knowing it truly needs service or repair.

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2-Payment Plan Available!!


Hey there,

I'm Andi Barney of Sewing Doc machine service and repair, and Sewing Doc Academy.  I'm a master technician and I've owned and operated my own service shop for over 15 years now.  I started just like you, curious and a little intimidated, but now I couldn't imagine my life without sewing machines!

Paul Barney is our electrical, motor, restoration, and customer service specialist.  He teaches motor service and rewiring along with many other in-depth skills.

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Questions?  Message us & we'll get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for submitting!

You have Questions, We have Answers....

Q:  Do I have to pay a fee every month?

A:  You will keep access to the on-demand learning library for life as your reference.  Keep in mind that the enrollment fee will increase as we add value, so the current fee is the lowest it will ever be!

Q:  When does the workshop end?

A:  This is the best:  it doesn't!  It lasts forever… or as long as you need it to!  There is no end or timeline for this course, so you jump in any time and come back to it any time you need to. 

Q:  Who is this program for?  Can just anyone take it?

A:  Yes!  This program is for anyone interested in learning to understand issues that happen with sewing machines and how to fix them. It is a fantastic resource for those that sew regularly and want less hassle, and for those learning to service machines as a trade.  You will simultaneously learn to build better sewing habits while addressing the specific issues you have in the moment with your machine.

Q:  I'm not good with tools, will I be okay taking this class?

A:  YES!  Rarely do you need tools to solve issues with your machine.  Keep in mind that this workshop does NOT teach any aspect of getting into the machine or any major repairs or adjustments.

Q:  What machines are covered in this course?

A:  This workshop covers almost all vintage and modern home domestic sewing machines.  This workshop does not cover industrial or commercial machines, sergers, overclockers, chain-stitch, or embroidery-specific machines.  However, if you own those machines, you can use what you learn here and apply it to those machines.

Q:  If I have an issue with a machine, can I contact you for help?

A:  Yes, there are several ways to work with a live expert.  Each module has a place to post pictures and/or videos and explain your issue, and you'll get a reply within 24 hours.  If the issue is more complex than the material addresses, we do have options for a discounted one-on-one consultation to see if we can resolve your issue together.

Q:  Do I need any special programs or equipment to participate in any part of the workshop?

A:  The short answer is no.  All you really need is a cell phone, tablet, or computer to view the on-demand classes and work your way through the workshop.  If you decide to participate in a paid consultation to resolve a bigger issues, you may need access to Zoom, but it is free an easy to use.

Q:  Will this course teach me to service other people's machines?

A:  This is a loaded question.  This program does NOT teach machine service in any capacity, but it does teach you in-depth diagnostics, which is very important in machine service.  This workshop is a great resource for those learning machine service in our other programs that need to learn how to properly diagnose other people's machines.

Q:  I don't live in the United States, can I sign up for this course?

A:  We currently have students from Canada and the UK join our programs without issues.  Please know that we may not be familiar with machines specifically marketed to other countries.

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