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Need to Trademark your Craft Business?!

Hello, friends! Today is a big day for my friends Elizabeth Gard and Sidne Gard, as their new book "Just Wanna Trademark (for makers) is now available for sale! If I could think of one of the things our craft industry needs the most, it's guidance and assistance from knowledgable folks about navigating the land of Trademarks. It's a very scary world to step into when your skills are limited to making fun quilts, fixing sewing machines, and beating other family members to the last of the ice cream! About 10 years ago, my neighbor and friend had a blooming craft business - she was making very unique, very custom wallets, bags, and other items. This is when Etsy was also growing, so she was getting a lot of attention both locally and nationally. Well, just as her little cottage business was hitting it's peak, she was served with cease and desist letters from another business with the same name... on the other side of the country, selling nothing even remotely related to these craft items. After all the years she put into her business, she had to change the name, which was an expensive ordeal for her in many ways. Needless to say, she went through the frustrating steps of trademarking her next business, which took a few tries to get it right. I myself attempted to trademark Sewing Doc when I first picked the name for my professional service shop. After two attempts of getting anything trademarked (and $600 later), I gave up. So while my business is gaining traction at break-neck speed, I am as vulnerable as my friend.

After reading through the complimentary copy Elizabeth sent me, I now realize a big part of the issue is that I was throwing darts at a wall hoping one would be a bullseye. There are many different types of trademarks, and some work types of businesses that don't work with others.

Unfortunately, we're in the middle of relocating from one state to another, but once our feet are on the ground, following the Just Wanna Trademark process is Goal ONE! We are going to share our journey in pursuing our trademark here on the blog, too! We are hoping our son Aaron, whom we homeschool, will want to be part of the process in researching some aspects of the trademark strength and viability.

I'm so grateful for all the ways Elizabeth & Co. have included me in their lives and their journey, and more importantly, for giving our community the tools and support that isn't found anywhere else! I have spent time with her family and friends in New Orleans for a big event, and we're planning several more in coming months!

You can snag your copy today on the Just Wanna Quilt website (and check out the archive of all the amazing podcasts while you're there!):

If you are not yet a part of the Just Wanna Quilt Facebook Group, I also highly recommend engaging here! Not only is there a huge community of quilters that like to share their work, help you with yours, and relax in a fun community, you also have access to Elizabeth and many of her colleagues that will help you navigate copyright issues and trademark questions! You can join the group here: Just Wanna Quilt Facebook Group

We can't wait to share our personal Trademark journey with you, and I hope you'll consider Trademarking your own brand!

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