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Save 10% by enrolling in our Full Maintenance bundle!

All programs are discounted 10% when enrolling in the Full Maintenance bundle.

These programs do not include timing adjustments for any machines or major repairs to modern machines.  Some machines restrictions apply.

Our full maintenance program is the starting point if you're looking to build a side business or retirement income - these are the ONLY skills I had for the first 6 years of my service business (and it was my family's sole income).

This bundle features all of our current programs for troubleshooting, routine maintenance of both modern and vintage machines, restoration of older machines, motor service & rewiring, and business tools to build your business.

This program is also recommended for those that have a collection of both modern & vintage machines.

Individual Programs

Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 11.03.12 AM.png

This program is more than just taking off the needle plate and cleaning around the bobbin - this is permission to SAFELY and properly remove the covers of your modern sewing machine to clean and lubricate, just like service technicians do.  This extends the life of your machine and computer components, and when done routinely, your machine should only have to go in for service when something is broken or timing needs to be reset.

Our hybrid program gives folks a broad education with our on-demand library, but we also host weekly and monthly sessions to address hurdles specific to each person and machine, dive deep into specific areas of sewing machine issues, and enjoy the company of others with a common interest.  You not only have two human experts, you have an entire community of supporters in this program!

Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 11.14.23 AM.png

This workshop is built for you to self-diagnose your sewing machine, to find the error, correct it, and keep on sewing.  It walks you through the EXACT same procedures used in our professional service shop every day to diagnose issues on a customer's machine, correct them, and keep them sewing.  This could save you weeks of waiting and money spent on a repair you didn't need.

Featherweight FULL SERVICE Program


Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to clean, lubricate, and care for your Featherweight and 301! Never take it in for service again!

How to Use Your Featherweight

Use Your Featherweight Image-01.jpg


This self-led workshop will walk you through every step of using your Featherweight & 301. Own it for life, and refer to it as often as you need!

coming soon PROGRAMS

Timing & Advanced Adjustments

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 5.37.02 PM.png

Go beyond maintenance and move into full service!  

In this program, you'll learn all aspects of timing adjustments including, needle bar height, hook needle timing, hook needle clearance, and feed timing.  Includes other adjustments such as needle position, cam timing, feed dog height, and more.


This program will start beta testing in June/July 2024 (estimated), then will open to the public.  Remove Your Covers & Troubleshooting programs will be REQUIRED before you can register for this program.

Serger Maintenance

sergers for website.png
sergers for website.png

Sergers need love and care, usually more often than sewing machines!

In this program, you'll learn to safely remove the covers of your serger, remove all lint and debris, remove any old lubricant, re-lubricate, check for any issues, replace the blades, and more!


This program will start beta testing in August/September 2024 (estimated), then will open to the public.  

Coming 2025 & Beyond

Business Building

Ready to take your acquired skills to the next level?  Offer your cleaning, restoring, and repair services to your friends and neighbors, your community, and your charity!  Let us support and guide you through getting started and assist you when machine issues arise.

Serger Advanced Adjustments

Take your Serger or coverlock maintenance one step further and learn how to adjust timing and upper and lower looper positioning.  We'll teach you about the common issues that arise with sergers and how to correct them.  The Serger Maintenance class is a prerequisite.

Singer Touch & Sew
Gears & Repair

Those Touch & Sew machines were a brilliant concept, but the gears commonly break and shred.  Once replaced, you’ll get another 50+ years of use.  This is extremely involved but will save many machines.  Also covers the Athena, TouchTronic, Stylist, FashionMate, Merritt and other machines with nylon gears.

Viking 6000
Series Repair

Not many repair shops will address specific issues with the Viking 6000 series, and many have been discarded due to lack of knowledge.  This class will make a seized machine work again, as we remove the buttonholer and stitch selector mechanisms and get things moving again.   This is an Advanced class.

private & Group workshops

Yes, we are still offering one-on-one and private group workshops!  Due to the pandemic, all classes have been moved to a virtual format indefinitely.  But this is great!  I promise, you will learn as much or more virtually than you would live in our classroom.

This is the best option if you really want to handle routine maintenance (not major repairs) on your own and don't want to wait for an opening in a class to come available.  Private group workshops are great for friends, as it's a very social setting, plenty of time for catching up!

For more information about private or group workshops, please contact us and we'll be in touch!

Most of our classes were held in person before face masks and social distancing were in our lives.  We ONLY teach virtually at this time, we cannot offer in-person programs except for Guild programs..

learn to repair sewing machines

Questions?  Message us & we'll get back to you ASAP!

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