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The sewing machine is one of the few appliances we use that require some kind of care or maintenance to keep it working properly.  Your machine will require periodic attention by both you and a professional, but the needs of all machines vary.

In this FREE series, you will learn:

  • why this periodic maintenance is necessary, and how often to do it

  • what tools you need and are good to have for this task

  • the right cleaning materials (and what not to use!!)

  • lubricants that are good and bad for your machine

  • how to clean out around the bobbin area safely

  • how to access the needle bar for cleaning

  • how to check the check spring, take-up lever, and needle bar joints for caught threads

  • how to check your upper tension discs

  • how to clean your upper tension discs

  • subtle signs your machine needs further attention, such as service or repair

  • troubleshooting common issues

  • what is "service" and when you need it

  • how much does service cost at a service center?

This FREE series includes 3 hours of video instruction and information to use any time you need!  It applies to all sewing machines.

This DOES NOT replace routine service, but it will help keep your machine going, especially if you tend to neglect your machine's service, or if you are a heavy-use sewist or sew with materials that shed a lot (i.e. flannel, fleece, minky, etc.).

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