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New-to-you Featherweight, or need to brush up again?

This comprehensive workshop will walk you through every step of getting started with your Singer Featherweight or 301, or guide you in the small details that are easy to forget - like which way the needle faces!

  • Serial number and the year of your Featherweight

  • Anatomy of the Featherweight

  • Bobbins for the Featherweight

  • Winding a bobbin

  • Loading the bobbin case

  • Bobbin case & adjusting tension

  • Insert bobbin case into the machine

  • Replacing or installing needles

  • Upper threading

  • Bringing up the bobbin thread

  • Sewing, reverse, and adjusting tension

  • Troubleshooting your Featherweight

This program is FREE and you have ACCESS FOR LIFE!

This program is VIRTUAL, not an in-person class

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