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Virtual sewing machine service training for the home sewist

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Sewing machine problems?

Try one of our options before spending hundreds at the service shop!

90% of machines that are "broken" just need troubleshooting and routine service - 

But service shops and technicians won't tell you that.

Having trouble with your sewing machine?

Let Andi determine if your problem can be fixed at home, or if you really need a service shop

Want to replace the service shop with doing it yourself?

Andi will personally guide you in learning how to service your machines like a professional

How will this help me save time & money?

When you take your machine to the service shop, it will sit on a shelf for a few weeks before a technician will even look at it, and usually they will determine it just needs routine service.

90% of sewing machines that ever come across my service bench have only needed troubleshooting and routine service.  You can do this yourself in one afternoon.

Let's fast track this:

Tell me about the issues with your sewing machine, and I will tell you if it's something you can resolve at home, right now, with our guided programs. 

If not, I'll help you determine the issues with your machine and you will go into the service shop armed with this knowledge.

FREE Machine Consultation

How do I immediately get started?

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Complete a short form telling us what brand and model machine you have and details about the issues you are having.

I will recommend the right program to resolve your issues, or you'll know what the issue is and confirm that your machine needs to see a service shop.

The average fee for routine service in the US is $150 per machine.

Some shops require you to pay a bench fee up front, which you won't get back.

We can save you hundreds of dollars by teaching you to do the exact same procedures used in a service shop.

How can  you do it yourself?

Open House

Meet me in a LIVE, virtual open house event, or I'll put together a personal learning plan just for you!

Virtual Open House

Meet Andi in this 45-minute LIVE or ON-DEMAND event to hear about our programs, what they include, and the cost.  No one has ever offered programs like ours before, so we understand the need to ask questions and see some demonstrations.

Our programs are significantly discounted during our open house event.

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Custom Learning Plan

Complete this short form and tell us about the machines you own, your personal goals in machine service, and Andi will personally assess your your information and recommend the programs that best fit your needs.

Our programs are offered at a significant discount with your Custom Learning Plan.

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All programs offer LIFETIME access

Professional expert to help you with your specific hurdles

No travel - learn from anywhere, anytime

An entire community of other students and enthusiasts to share the journey and learn collectively

Assistance & guidance in building a business or retirement income (if you desire)

I have 15 years of professional experience, and I closed my service shop in 2022 to focus on teaching my skills.

Our Programs

The Full Maintenance Program replaces your need for a service shop or professional technician as much as possible by teaching you: 

  • how to SAFELY remove plastic covers on modern and sewing machines for proper cleaning, lubrication, and minor repairs

  • how to restore vintage and antique machines, save them from the landfill, and preserve Grandma's memories

  • how to service and repair motors, fix and replace bare wiring, avoid safety hazards

  • how to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with your sewing machine and resolve issues quickly

  • how to grow your hobby into a retirement income or side business - we'll give you all my tools from downloadable forms to marketing tips and advice

Below you will find an overview and link to a more detailed view of each of these programs.


While the Full Maintenance Program is the best value and most recommended, you can enroll in individual programs as needed.

Vintage Sewing Machine Mastery

Learn to maintain your older machines or do a full, functional restoration.  Cleaning, polishing, replacing parts, getting them to run again - it's all here! Save machines from the landfill!

Remove Your Covers

This program replaces routine maintenance for modern home sewing machines and resolves 90% of machine issues. Safely get INSIDE the machine for proper cleaning and lubrication.

Business Tools

Thinking of a retirement income or side business?  I'll give you all the forms and tools I used to build my business starting at the kitchen table.  You won't have to do this alone!


Included with the Remove Your Covers Program

Troubleshooting & Diagnosis

Common sewing machine issues are often taken as "needs repair", but not usually.  Let us help you diagnose and fix most common sewing machine issues.

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Motor Service & Rewiring

This is one of the most needed skills in vintage machines. With guided help, we can help you save machines that need new wiring and motors need to be opened up.

Included with the Vintage Sewing Machine Mastery Program

Add On Programs in 2024

Timing & Adjustments

This advanced program will teach you all of the timing and other adjustments, and pave the way to bigger repairs.  Remove Your Covers & Troubleshooting will be required before you can join this program.


June 2024

Serger Edition - Remove Your Covers

We know that lint is a bigger problem in sergers than sewing machines, so it is vital to remove the covers, clean everything out and relubricate to keep your serger working properly.  This program will guide you through professional maintenance.

July/August 2024

How Our Programs Work

Decide on a class path based on the machines you have or your goals. Enroll & get started!


Work through the videos and instructions in the on-demand learning library.


When you have questions, issues, or troubles with your machines, an expert instructor is available to help you personally.



Engage with a community of other enthusiasts, and socialize with folks that share your journey!

Our programs take you from ZERO to Sewing Machine Hero!

What they are saying about us

We have helped over 1200 students become self-sufficient in not only maintaining and keeping their own machines going, but many in their community as well!

"I bought these classes because I have too many machines and the cost to service just keeps increasing.  I also dislike to give up my machine "just in case I need it".  I successfully maintained this machine and getting ready to start my next one!  It was so much easier than I ever expected! I suspect I will get faster once I figure things out."

Rachel H, student

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Meet Amy!  Amy joined the VSMM program and within two months, she was building her machine service business while learning!


Amy came into the program after learning some of the basics through trial and error on YouTube.  She says that having live humans to help in uncertainty is what gave her the confidence to really dig in on offering her services.

She is now branching out into modern machine service for her customers.

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Have questions?  We have answers.

Q:  What if my machine still needs to go to a service shop?
A:  If your machine requires more than is covered in our programs, we'll be very honest with you and help you to determine what is the issue, that way you can go to the service shopped armed with knowledge and avoid the run around.

Q:  How and where do I learn?

A:  We very specifically designed our programs to keep them as affordable and as accessible as possible.  All of our programs are a hybrid - part of the foundation learning will happen through a series of learning modules and videos in our online platform, but there is also human experts (Andi & Paul) to help you when you have questions, just need a little support, or have issues with your machine and you aren't sure what to do.  Our programs are available on computer, laptop, phone, and tablet so you can use our materials next to your sewing machine.

Q:  Okay, but how expensive are your programs in comparison?

A:  Our Full Maintenance Program includes all of our current programs and is less than $450.  Individual programs range from $99 to $199.  Our programs are a one-time payment, lifetime access.  That means whether you have one machine or 20 machines, you only pay once and you have access to service information, guided assistance, and a community for life. The average service fee in the US ranges from $150 for standard machines to $350 for advanced embroidery machines.

Q: How long will it take me to service my machine myself?

A:  I tell new students that it will take you a few hours, or an afternoon, to service your machine the first time, depending on the brand and model.  We'll ask you to go through a few learning modules, about 2 hours of material, and then you can use the videos and instructions side-by-side to learn to SAFELY service your machine.

Q:  Is this literally the same thing a sewing technician does when I take it in for service or repair?

A:  What no professional technician is going to tell you is that 90% of machines only need troubleshooting to figure out the issue, and routine service to resolve those issues.  That's it.  The other 10% might need timing adjustments or major repairs.  But when you take your machine in for service, you are paying them for a full range of procedures when they are usually only performing routine maintenance.  We teach you the same procedures as a professional.

Q:  How can I do this if I barely even know how to sew?

A:  Well, first, taking part in the maintenance and well being of your machine will help you to build a new relationship with it.  The more you learn about how your machine works, the more you know on how to make it perform better.  Most students in our program are 65+ and have ZERO experience with tools or mechanical knowledge.  Our programs are built for someone starting at the very beginning all the way through building their own business.

Q: What brand and model of machines are included?

A:  In our current programs, we include all vintage and antique machines, and in our modern program, every major manufacturer brand and model is included EXCEPT the Viking EPIC series (Epic 1, 2, 3, 4, 95Q) but all other Viking machines are included.  Also, Bernina only includes the older models plus the Artista, Activa, Aurora, and Virtuosa. We cannot include the newer models (model number begins with a "B").  Please check with us to confirm your sewing machine model at

Q:  My machine manual says not to oil it.  What should I do?
A:  Your manual says this because as the user of the machine, they don't want you to do the lubrication.  In order for a machine to be serviced properly, it needs to be opened, cleaned out, lubricated, and some minor issues addressed.  This should happen about ever 12-18 months, especially if it is computerized.  If you aren't paying a professional to do this, you need to do this yourself to avoid damage and extend the life of the machine.  Note that some machines don't require lubricant for a few years while others do.  We make sure you are following the proper procedures.

Q:  Can't I just learn from YouTube?
Well, you can try, many have.  The problem with YouTube is that the videos, one, are usually made by someone that isn't a professional, so sometimes the videos make things worse.  Two, you can have 2 sewing machines with the same symptom, but completely different issues.  If you try to fix the wrong issue, you can make things worse.  Three, the person making the video cannot help you when you have questions, run into issues, or get stuck.  I just had a student the other day put her machine back together and thought she broke it, but she just missed one step in the instructions.  If she were using YouTube, she would've been defeated.  Our programs not only include actual, human experts to help you, but they are designed to fast-track your learning.

Q:  Is there any risk in getting into my machine myself?

A:  Yes, there is always a risk.  But there is a risk anytime a technician gets into your machine, too.  Which is why it's important to have a guide help you instead of relying on spotty advice from YouTube or Facebook Groups.  We've never had anyone damage their machine, but there is a risk.  We will help you in anyway possible as much as we can, but we are not liable for any damage done to your machine.

Andi Barney has been a professional service technician and functional restorationist for 15 years.  She closed her service shop in the fall of 2022 so she could teach her skills full time through her virtual programs.  She is factory trained by Brother, Janome, Viking, and Pfaff, and has a deep love for old, metal machines and bringing them back to life.

Andi is joined by Paul, her husband and business partner.  Paul has been working mostly in vintage machines since 2016 and specializes in electrical rewiring, motor service and repair, and deep restorations that need creative solutions.

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