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Virtual sewing machine service training for the home sewist

Modern Sewing Machines

Service your sewing machine like a professional!

Become self-sufficient, confident and stop spending your time and money waiting for your machine it the shop!

What's my investment?

$249one time fee

  • One-time payment, NOT a recurring fee!

  • Access to all modern machine instructions FOR LIFE!

  • All upgrades, improvements, and expansions included!

  • Discounted consultation options for diagnosis and repair!

  • Lifetime access to our Business Tools program ($199 value)

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2-Payment Plan Available!!

Whether you want to learn to care for your own machines or build a small business, we'll teach you the exact procedures used in our professional shop to help you meet your goals.

How it Works


Login and work through the on-demand library modules

The on-demand library will teach you overall concepts of removing the covers on any modern sewing machine for routine maintenance.  

Each brand of machine also has it's own section to teach you about known issues with machines, how to resolve them, and covers different types of sewing machines and how to get the covers off.

  • Setting up your work space, proper chemicals, proper lubricants, tools you'll need

  • Cleaning and lubricating inside the machine

  • Cleaning computer boards & sensors (if applicable)

  • Seized machines - how to get them moving again

  • Cleaning auto thread cutters & replacing blades

  • Balancing tension and correcting sewing issues

  • And so much more!!!


Email the instructor when you are stuck, feel overwhelmed, or just need some support.  

The absolute most valuable component of RYC is that you always have the support of two professional experts to help you when you are stuck or need additional help.  We help you via our email, one-on-one Zoom calls, and posts in our private Facebook & Community groups.

This takes away guesswork and failed attempts - no more scouring YouTube or Facebook groups looking for answers!

Upon request, we will provide a custom instruction sheet for your specific machines - print and keep it for easier future reference!

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Offer your services to your community through side business or retirement income, or volunteering yourself

More often than not, we find that folks enjoy working on machines so much that they tend to branch out beyond just caring for their own.

Offering your services to your community doesn't mean you need to open a service shop!  We'll give you the tools to start a small business in your home, working as little or as much as you want.

Psst... it's not going to cost you any further investment to use our programs to build a business!  Our program is designed to teach you about as many modern machines as possible - and to have expert, professional help when you run into issues or need help!

IMPORTANT - Please note that this program...

  • is VIRTUAL - you can learn from anywhere, and there are no in-person classes.

  • covers all modern machines*, whether mechanical or computerized. "Modern" is generally 1980 or later, but "vintage" machines with computers and electronics (i.e. Bernina 1130) can be included.  If in doubt, contact us first.

  • is a MAINTENANCE program, NOT a repair program.  This program will not repair a broken machine or address timing or other issues.

  • only covers home domestic machines - no commercial, industrial, chain stitch, sergers, over lockers, blind hemmers, multi-needle/upright embroidery machines, or longarm quilting machines.

  • *excludes Viking Epic series, Bernina 3, 4, 5, 7, or 8 series.  

  • There are no refunds or exchanges, all purchases are final.  If you are unsure about your machine, please email me first 

Fact #1:  Sewing machines need routine maintenance to keep it running properly (and extend its lifespan!), especially if the machine has a computer.


Fact #2:  Removing the needle plate, cleaning under and around the bobbin case, and putting a few drops of oil IS NOT SERVICE.


Fact #3:  90% of sewing machines only need the covers removed, cleaning, lubricating, and minor repairs - the exact procedures we teach in this program.

The average routine service in the US is $125 per machine.

For the cost of 2 service appointments, you can maintain an infinite number of machines.

In most cases, machines really just need cleaning and lubrication to keep them in tip-top working condition.  Yes, they often need timing and other minor adjustments, but in truth, most just need cleaning and lubrication. 

Can you imagine having the knowledge, ability, and guidance to take the covers off, clean it out, check your computer connections, and lubricate it yourself?  At your convenience?  In your own home?  At 5 in the evening or 3 in the morning?  And only take it in when something is actually wrong?

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RYC visual 1-01.png


But this is something that weighs on me constantly.  From the bottom of my heart, I truly believe in empowering people to do things they are capable of, and with the right knowledge, I KNOW this is something you can do as well.

But the Remove Your Covers program… this is for everyone. 


This series is meant to teach home sewists how to clean and lubricate their machines to keep them running, extend their life, and stay armed with more knowledge to avoid spending time and money unnecessarily. 


I’m not implying that dealers are trying to pull one over on you, per se, I’m saying that this industry has been working one way for an eternity, and that way is not at all designed in your favor.  The less knowledge you have, the more power they keep.  Let’s work on shifting this paradigm together.

Who is behind the Sewing Doc brand?


Hey there,

I'm Andi Barney of Sewing Doc machine service and repair, and Sewing Doc Academy.  I'm a master technician and I've owned and operated my own service shop for over 15 years now.  I started just like you, curious and a little intimidated, but now I couldn't imagine my life without sewing machines!

Paul Barney (is our electrical, motor, and restoration specialist.  He also specializes in Customer Service.

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Questions?  Message us & we'll get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for submitting!

You have Questions, We have Answers....

Q:  Do I have to pay a fee every month?

A:  At the launch of this program, the entry fee is a one-time-only fee.  So when you pay $249, you have access to the modules for life.

Q:  When does the workshop end?

A:  This is the best:  it doesn't!  It lasts forever… or as long as you need it to!  There is no end or timeline for this course, so you jump in any time and come back to it any time you need to. 

Q:  Who is this course for?  Can just anyone take it?

A:  Yes!  This course is for anyone interested in learning to clean, lubricate, and care for sewing machines.  Young, old, retired, people that work full-time, people that are just curious, hobbyists, people with lots of machines, people that only have one machine, people wanting side/retirement/full-time income.  Everyone is welcome!

Q:  I'm not good with tools, will I be okay taking this class?

A:  YES!  If you don't feel confident using tools, I promise, you're going to be okay in this course.  I wouldn't have considered myself "mechanically inclined" when I first started working with machines, either.  Many of us are, and we just don't know it yet.  There is actually very little done with tools in the class.  This workshop will be a source of empowerment and confidence for you, I can promise you that!  In my in-person classes (before Covid), I had ladies insist that they bring their husband because they were too afraid of the tools, but I encourage EVERYONE to give it a try because I promise you, you can do it.

Q:  What machines are covered in this course?

A:  This workshop covers almost all "modern" home domestic sewing machines, including those with computers.  It does NOT cover any commercial/industrial machines, sergers, embroidery-specific components or embroidery-only machines, chain stitch or specialty machines.  There are a few machines we will not handle in this workshop such as the Viking Epic series, and the newest models of Bernina, such as the 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 series (and a few others).  Those machines require specific tools and program codes for service and are beyond the scope of this workshop.  Please check with us first if you are unsure about your machine.

Q:  If I have an issue with a machine, can I contact you for help?

A:  Yes, the instructor is available during regular hours.  During the testing/BETA phase of the program, you will have plenty of additional help available.  After the program officially launches, you will still have guided help, and there is an option for paid consultation for issues outside of the scope of this program.

Q:  Do I need any special programs or equipment to participate in any part of the workshop?

A:  The short answer is no.  All you really need is a cell phone, tablet, or computer to view the on-demand classes and work your way through the workshop.  

Q:  Will this course teach me to service other people's machines?

A:  YES!  You will build skills that allow you to offer your services to your local community.  We prefer not to use the term ' full service' as this implies timing and other adjustments have been made, which are not taught in this workshop.  But the first 6-7 years of my service business used the skills in this workshop, VSMM program, and Troubleshooting program - I didn't adjust the timing or make complex repairs until later on in my business. 

Q:  I don't live in the United States, can I sign up for this course?

A:  We do have folks from Canada and the UK in other workshops, and we welcome other countries.  However, we are limited in this capacity at this time, as sewing machines, cleaners, and lubricants available in other countries are often very different than the US, and I cannot promise that we'll be able to assist you with these things we are not familiar with.

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