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Hybrid On-Demand & LIVEstreaming Classes with Sewing Doc Academy

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You'll hear the term "Hybrid Workshops" or "Hybrid Courses" in Sewing Doc quite a bit, and that's because we believe we've come up with the best combination of resources available to help you learn in a style that's best suited for YOU!

In short, we had to do away with in-person learning due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, but we feel we offer the next best thing! The Hybrid workshops we offer combine our On-Demand Workshops and LIVEstream workshops, so you can use both in a way that works for you! You'll have 24/7 access to the On-Demand video lessons that teach you the SDOCS method of machine maintenance to us at your own pace, any time that works best for you.

The inside the On-Demand workshop, where you'll find the bulk of your learning materials, refer to as often as you need! (Click to enlarge)

When you click on a lesson, you'll find a combination of instructions, videos that walk you through step-by-step, and downloadable checklists, worksheets, and reference materials. (click image to enlarge)

But you'll also have the live support of an expert instructor to guide you when you need it, and you'll also connect with other enthusiasts!

  • LIVEStream Classes - Once a month, your expert instructor will host a LIVEStream class in a virtual classroom where you'll go through the workshop as if you were there in person. You'll only need a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to participate. When there is an issue with your machine, your instructor can see your machine and walk you through the next steps, so you still have live-time support. All classes will be available for replay if you cannot make a live class.

  • LIVE Q & A Sessions - each week, your instructor will answer questions live-time through the private community and Facebook Group. This will help you through hurdles and enhance your knowledge of how each machine works and functions. Each session will be archived and you can watch any time if you can't watch live.

  • One-on-One Consultation - with some purchase options, one-on-one consultation is always available. You and the instructor would select a time that works for both of you to sort through any issues you may be having with your particular machine. All sessions are hosted virtually.

When I was teaching in-person classes, the energy was incredible! You could feel the excitement as we all dove into cleaning machines together, sharing a common interest and camaraderie together. Not only is the instructor present to give you live guidance on any specific issues with your machine, everyone learned from each other in these classes. At the end of the class, everyone felt accomplished and proud of their machine maintenance experience. The only negative drawback would be months later when the student went to pull out their machine and clean and lubricated it, sometimes a feeling of paralysis would set in. If you are anything like me, I tend to brain-dump a lot of stuff - there is only so much room for stored info up there!! Sewing Doc Academy delivers so much helpful, useful, important information, and most of us have a hard time retaining all of it after just one session.

Our online On-Demand workshops are self-guided and available 24/7, so that you can learn and progress at your own pace. This has been an excellent learning tool for many and has proven to be ideal for most. No travel, no need to rearrange your schedule to fit in a class... you are in control of everything! You can forward, rewind, pause and watch the sections you need over and over, anytime you want. Each lesson has a place to ask questions, as well.

But the On-Demand workshops had their drawbacks as well, mainly that the expert guidance was missing. No two machines are alike, and it is impossible to create a video-based curriculum that covers all the special issues that could arise.

So we created the best of both worlds - the Hybrid Workshop! This offers that guidance you may need to get past an issue or hurdle with your machine, but you'll also have access to all of the learning material to use what you need when you need it - even if you like to work at midnight like I do!

We have worked hard to recreated that live, classroom experience while eliminating the cost and hassle of travel, the risk of spreading (or catching!) Covid, and making it as easy for you to learn to care for your own machine as possible!

Use the form below to get our updates on workshops as they are released - I promise, we don't have time to spam you!!


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