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Virtual sewing machine service training for the home sewist

LIVE Open House Event



Hosted by:  Andi Barney, Master Technician

Our FREE Open House event will show you how all of our programs work, what you'll learn and all of our program fees.  Our current programs start at $99 for individual programs, or join our Full Maintenance Program for less than $450 (one-time fee, lifetime access!).  All programs include live, human experts to guide you in your new skills!

This program is pre-recorded and available to watch at YOUR convenience.

Ever thought of learning how to service, repair, and restore sewing machines?
We'll show you how you can learn from anywhere with expert guidance!

Whether you just want to learn to take care of your own machines to save time and money, or if you want to build a small business or retirement income, our programs help you build your skills in both vintage and modern sewing machines.


How to get started

We can recommend a personalized learning path to help you meet your goals

How Sewing Doc Academy keeps learning these skills affordable

We offer LIFETIME ACCESS to all our programs & a payment plan to help with your budget

Details on all our programs

You'll see inside each of the main programs, what they look like, and how they work

What a business or side income looks like in machine service

We'll show how people are building their own small business for income with our guidance and support

Hear about our community for sewing machine enthusiasts

We have a whole community of folks obsessed with sewing machines and how they work!

All programs are DISCOUNTED during

our On-Demand  Open House Event!!!

Andi Barney has been a professional service technician and functional restorationist for 15 years.  She closed her service shop in the fall of 2022 so she could teach her skills full time through her virtual programs.  She is factory trained by Brother, Janome, Viking, and Pfaff, and has a deep love for old, metal machines and bringing them back to life.

Andi is joined by Paul, her husband and business partner.  Paul has been working mostly in vintage machines since 2016 and specializes in electrical rewiring, motor service and repair, and deep restorations that need creative solutions.

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