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Sewing Doc Academy & Machine Service is accepting donations to help us get at least 6 sewing machines serviced, repaired, and available to new participants in the Hems & Brims mentorship program of Atlanta, Georgia.  This is right here in our own community!

"Hems & Brims highlights Black teenagers, who feel like they don’t have a voice, in an industry (fashion) that has not been inclusive. We help students use their talents to manifest their dreams in the fashion industry and beyond. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every student and will continue to support our students long after their time with the program is over."

You can read all about the Hems & Brims program here.

Sewing Doc is purchasing 6 used Singer Heavy Duty sewing machines from one of our consignment customers.  Andi Barney of Sewing Doc is donating all service and repairs, which is about 12 hours of service labor.  All donations will go toward the purchase of the machines and replacement parts needed for the machines to function properly.  Any excess funds will go toward more donations for this fantastic program.

We cannot thank you enough for your generous contribution.  I wish we didn't have to ask for donations, but I'd rather tie our community together for a good cause rather than ignore the need because I can't personally shoulder all of the financial need.  THANK YOU!

Our Goal = $600


PayPal Donation

Other ways to donate:

Cash or Check or Credit/Debit Card

We can accept cash or check donations at Sewing Doc, 515 Sawnee Corners Bvld, Ste. 700, Cumming, GA 30040.

We could make arrangements to leave your donation with Thread Bear Fabrics (next door) if you need to come to the shop on a day we are closed.

We will consider other ways to donate, please email me with your suggestions or questions!

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