live featherweight service workshop

Did you know that the Featherweight was the first machine designed to be maintained by the user?  Yes, YOU can maintain your Featherweight, no more trips to the service desk!  This is a comprehensive workshop, geared toward the Featherweight owner that wants to really get to know and understand the machine, and know how to service it to keep it in tip-top shape.  

This class will be LIVE on Zoom (virtual).

This workshop covers the Singer 221, 221k, 222k, and 301 only.

This class will cover all of the following and more:

  • removing all the covers and components of the machine

  • how to fully and properly clean the machine, both the initial cleaning and each time YOU service your machine

  • checking motor brushes, lubricating the motor

  • how to fully and properly lubricate the machine

  • what chemicals to use and what to avoid - it's a delicate process!

  • how to make your machine shine

  • what to look for in electrical wiring

Worried about technology?

Don't worry!  We'll have an overview on how to use Zoom in a virtual class setting before your class begins so that you will feel at ease with this learning method.  Your workshop will have a live instructor to guide you the entire way!

featherweight workshop Graphic.jpg