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Know before you go!

Having an issue with your sewing machine right now?

Can't afford to loose your machine for 6 weeks at the service shop?

Tired of paying ever-rising service fees, or bench fees that you may not get back?

Let's find out if your machine really requires repair by a professional shop, or if it's something you can fix at home with the help of an expert guide.

1.  Fill out the form below with your machine information and details of the issues you are having.

2.  Andi will assess your issues and help you determine if you can join a program today and resolve the issues yourself OR if your machine really needs a professional to fix it.

3.  Your assessment will include a significant discount on the programs that fit your needs.

4.  If it's determined that your machine needs a repair, you'll go to the shop armed with knowing the issue and what to expect.

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