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What a sewing machine service business looks like

It's probably different than you think!

I'm going to show you

andi no background pic_edited.png

what's really possible...

The ONLY 3 skills I used for the first 8 years of my business

Who can start and grow a service business?  (hint: it's probably you!)

What you need to grow from hobby & curious learning to revenue & income

How you can earn revenue WHILE you are building your skills

How it's possible to decide how much or how little work you want to do

What is the best business model for starting, even if you've never started a business

Important to note about this program:

This will be a LIVE VIRTUAL event - you'll be able to watch from anwhere!

If you cannot attend live, the replay video will be emailed to you

There will be a limit of 300 attendees to the event

You will have a chance to ask questions LIVE during the event (and you won't be on camera!)


Yes, I want the first chance to attend when this event is scheduled!

Thank you, this form has been successfully submitted!

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